Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

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Leverage Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR) For Bank Grade Security

Our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services are powered by a trusted name in the industry, Sentinel One to offer you proactive threat detection and swift response against evolving cyber threats. We merge EDR with an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) to integrate with cutting-edge threat prevention techniques, advanced analytics, and automated response mechanisms.

With our expertise and Sentinel One’s advanced technology, your endpoints are fortified against a spectrum of potential attacks.

What Does Managed Endpoint Detection And Response Mean To You?

Endpoint Security is a cybersecurity approach dedicated to safeguarding individual devices (endpoints) in a network against indicators of compromise (IOCs). Managed EDR solutions track any suspicious activity, taking place across all workloads in order to uncover incidents that might remain invisible otherwise. More than managed endpoint security, EDR solutions provide continuous visibility to detect threats in real-time.

Our Services

Supercharge Your Endpoint Security With Microsoft Security Copilot Integration

Get A Resilient Cybersecurity Posture With AI-Powered Copilot Integrated In EDR

Uncovering Our EDR Features

Robust Security Features, Uncompromised Performance, Speed Up Response 

Real-time Threat Detection

We employ advanced threat detection mechanisms to identify any cyber threat, including malware, ransomware, and zero-day exploits.

Behavioral analysis

With EDR, your security teams can investigate and analyze the root cause of incidents with forensic capabilities for better understanding and prevention in the future.

24*7 Monitoring

Our EDR solutions continuously monitor endpoint activities in real time, providing instant visibility into potential threats and abnormal behavior.

Incident Response

Your team can mitigate risks with our rapid and effective incident response plan that comprises detailed information on detected threats.

Customized Reporting

Leverage insights into security incidents with tailored reports based on specific security requirements and key performance indicators.

Patch Management

Endpoint security software is regularly updated with the latest threat intelligence t to address vulnerabilities promptly.

What You Get With IT LAB EDR Services

One-Click Rollback

Streamline the response process with automated remediation and prevention mechanisms integrated into a single code base, eliminating the need for complex scripting work.

Incident Response Time

Achieve a rapid 15-minute response time to security incidents and isolate infected systems to secure access promptly.

SOC Workload Lightening

Reduce the workload on Security Operations Center (SOC) and IT analysts by automating the correlation of telemetry data.

Strengthen your cybersecurity now

Strengthen your cybersecurity now – Experience the power of IT LAB’s Managed EDR services.

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    Understand The Working Of Endpoint Detection And Response

    Endpoint Installation and Configuration

    We configure endpoint security solutions across your network and establish standardized configurations for optimal security posture.

    Continuous Monitoring

    EDR Is The Key

    We implement 24/7 surveillance of endpoints to detect and respond to security threats in real time by deploying robust endpoint security solutions on all devices.

    Threat Detection and Analysis

    Utilize advanced detection mechanisms to identify both known and unknown threats with sophisticated analytics for in-depth analysis of security incidents.

    Incident Response and Resolution

    Get a robust incident response framework with predefined action plans and automated workflows to ensure a targeted and efficient resolution strategy.

    Why IT LAB?

    SLA Backed Services

    Our SLA-backed endpoint detection services ensure that you receive timely and efficient support, enhancing the reliability of your endpoint security, no matter where your team is working.

    SMB Specific Solutions

    Tailored for SMBs, our solutions guarantee strong, streamlined cybersecurity measures perfectly matched to your business needs.

    100+ Expert Analysts on Demand

    Scale your security operations efficiently with the expertise of our over 100 expert analysts, available on-demand to enhance threat analysis and incident response capabilities.

    Decade of Experience

    Leverage our extensive decade-long experience to address a wide spectrum of security challenges effectively.

    Fast Track Investigation

    Expedite the investigation process with our streamlined approach to ensure rapid identification, analysis, and resolution of security incidents.

    Tailor-Made Solutions

    Enjoy customized Endpoint Security and Response solutions that align with your specific security needs and infrastructure.

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    Great job. Professional team. They selected and installed a new firewall for our network as well as configuring a number of security related settings. Job was complete on time and on budget. Staff was very easy to work with. We have already engaged with them on another project.

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    Shani and his team have been instrumental in providing mission critical services in an expeditious, professional manner. I cannot imagine any of my successes without the assistance of Shani and TechPolygon!

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