Client Overview

Company Name: TMA Bucks
Industry: Non-profit organization
Number of Employees: 10


TMA Bucks, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization focused on providing leadership and advocacy for transportation management services in Bucks County, faced significant challenges in maintaining efficient remote operations. The organization heavily relied on a VPN Solution, a virtual desktop solution hosted on local servers. Unfortunately, this approach led to frustrating experiences for both local and remote users due to performance and connectivity issues, coupled with concerns about network security.

Solution by IT LAB

Recognizing the critical need for reliable remote access, TMA Bucks sought the expertise of IT LAB. The IT LAB team analyzed the existing infrastructure and implemented a comprehensive solution to address the organization’s challenges.

  1. Network Security Enhancement:
    • IT LAB prioritized strengthening network security for TMA Bucks. By implementing robust security measures, the organization’s sensitive data and communications were safeguarded against potential threats.
  2. VPN Solution Upgrade:
    • The existing virtual desktop solution was upgraded to ensure optimal performance and reliability. IT LAB implemented an advanced VPN Solution, providing seamless and secure remote access for all employees. This enhancement aimed to eliminate connectivity issues and improve the overall user experience.
  3. IT and Cybersecurity Support:
    • IT LAB provided ongoing support for TMA Bucks’ IT infrastructure and cybersecurity needs. This included proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and addressing any emerging challenges promptly.


The collaboration between TMA Bucks and IT LAB yielded significant improvements in the organization’s remote operations:

  • Enhanced Performance: The upgraded VPN Solution resulted in improved performance, eliminating the frustration previously experienced by both local and remote users.
  • Reliable Remote Access: Employees gained reliable and secure access to essential resources, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in remote work settings.
  • Increased Network Security: The implemented security measures significantly strengthened TMA Bucks’ network security, mitigating potential risks and protecting sensitive information.
  • Efficient IT Support: The ongoing IT and cybersecurity support provided by IT LAB ensured that any issues were addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and optimizing overall system performance.


By partnering with IT LAB, TMA Bucks successfully transformed its remote operations, overcoming the challenges posed by the previous VPN solution. The strategic enhancements in network security, VPN technology, and ongoing IT support have positioned TMA Bucks for sustained efficiency and resilience in its mission to provide transportation management services in Bucks County. This case study underscores the positive impact of tailored IT solutions in empowering non-profit organizations to thrive in today’s remote work landscape.

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