Company Overview

Escape in 60 is a dynamic gaming company that specializes in providing thrilling escape room experiences for individuals, families, and corporate groups. With a mission to add adventure to vacations and enhance team-building through immersive challenges, Escape in 60 has positioned itself as a leading player in the gaming industry.


Escape in 60 faced persistent cyber threats, including continuous cyber-attacks on their network, phishing emails, and targeted assaults on their gaming servers. As a company that thrives on delivering seamless and secure gaming experiences, these cyber threats posed a significant risk to their operations and customer trust.


Escape in 60 offers a diverse range of escape rooms, each with unique stories, experiences, and puzzles. Their immersive scenarios, from escaping a sinking pirate ship to saving a child from a kidnapper, create an exciting and engaging environment for participants. The company also caters to corporate and large groups, providing team-building experiences that foster camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment.


To address the cybersecurity challenges, Escape in 60 collaborated with IT LAB. The IT LAB team implemented a robust cybersecurity solution, incorporating Firewall & Email Security, along with End Point Security using Microsoft Defender.


  1. Firewall & Email Security: IT LAB deployed advanced firewall systems to safeguard Escape in 60’s network from cyber-attacks. Additionally, robust email security measures were implemented to protect against phishing attempts, ensuring the integrity of communication channels.
  2. End Point Security with Microsoft Defender: IT LAB integrated Microsoft Defender to enhance end-point security across Escape in 60’s devices. This comprehensive solution provided real-time threat detection and response, adding an additional layer of protection against malware and other cyber threats.


The implementation of IT LAB’s cybersecurity solutions yielded significant results for Escape in 60:

  • Network Security: Escape in 60 experienced a noticeable reduction in cyber-attacks on their network, enhancing the overall stability and reliability of their gaming services.
  • Phishing Protection: The email security measures successfully thwarted phishing attempts, protecting sensitive information and maintaining the trust of both customers and business partners.
  • Server Protection: With a fortified cybersecurity infrastructure, Escape in 60’s gaming servers were shielded from targeted cyber-attacks, ensuring uninterrupted and secure gameplay experiences.


By partnering with IT LAB and implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, Escape in 60 successfully fortified its digital environment, safeguarding its operations and ensuring the continued delivery of immersive gaming experiences. The collaboration between Escape in 60 and IT LAB stands as a testament to the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures in the gaming industry.

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