Managed XDR: Simplified Security, Faster Response

Respond Faster And Stop Threats Everywhere Including Email, Devices, Servers, And More.

IT LAB's Managed XDR Service: Your All-Seeing Security Partner

Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) by IT LAB provides complete coverage across your entire IT infrastructure, from endpoints and servers to cloud workloads, emails, and networks. We act as your security partner, using advanced technology to see everything across your IT systems, from email to devices. We provide complete visibility of your security operations, enabling you to maintain business continuity and maximize the value of your current security investments.

Monitoring Across Your IT Landscape

Monitor your IT infrastructure from email to endpoints & servers to workloads, networks.

Why Your Business Needs XDR?

Visibility. Response. Power.

Cross-Layered Threat Detection

IT Lab's Managed XDR delivers non-stop analysis and monitoring across every element of your infrastructure for deeper insights from various sources for enhanced threat detection, pinpointing attack origins and spread.

Expert Guidance For Your IT Teams

Our industry-leading security experts optimize detection and investigation threats by utilizing cutting-edge security analytics, optimizing detection, investigation, and incident response in Managed Extended Detection and Response solutions.

Unified Platform

Managed XDR offers unmatched detection capabilities across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks via a unified platform so you can respond decisively to security incidents, minimizing damage and maximizing uptime.

How ITL Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Works

Comprehensive Data Gathering

We continuously collect security data from all corners of your IT infrastructure, including email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks.

Advanced Threat Detection

Our sophisticated analytics engine, powered by machine learning, analyzes data to identify suspicious activities and potential threats.

Prioritized Response

After that, we assess and prioritize identified threats based on their severity, allowing your team to focus on the most critical issues first.

Expert Guidance

Our security experts are always on hand to provide clear guidance through appropriate remediation steps to neutralize threats quickly.

Let Us Be Your Security Partner For Managed Extended Detection And Response.

    XDR + Copilot = Your Business' Security Powerhouse

    Leverage clear guidance and recommendations for remediation so your team takes decisive action.

    What Sets Us Apart?

    Focus on Security

    Our XDR service utilizes advanced analytics to identify and respond to threats quickly, minimizing potential damage to your business data.

    Built For businesses like yours

    Our XDR solution is specifically designed for the needs of SMBs, offering easy setup and use without requiring a dedicated security expert.

    All-in-One Visibility

    Gain complete visibility across your entire IT infrastructure, from email to cloud workloads, with a single, easy-to-understand dashboard.

    Scalability as You Grow

    Your business is growing, and your security needs to grow with it. Our XDR solution is scalable to accommodate your expanding needs.

    Affordable Security

    Our XDR solution provides powerful protection at a competitive price, ensuring you get the security you need without breaking the bank.

    Dedicated Support

    You’re not alone. Our team of security experts is always available to provide professional support and answer any questions you may have.

    Our 100+ Clients Have Secured Their Business. When Are You Joining Them?

    Great job. Professional team. They selected and installed a new firewall for our network as well as configuring a number of security related settings. Job was complete on time and on budget. Staff was very easy to work with. We have already engaged with them on another project.

    Robert Webb, Escape in 60, LLC
    Shani and his team have been instrumental in providing mission-critical services in an expeditious, professional manner. I cannot imagine any of my successes without the assistance of Shani and TechPolygon!

    Gerard McCabe, McCabe Law Firm
    stars (1)
    The team at Tech Polygon is fantastic! Very responsive, quick to solve problems and they stay on top of updates to prevent issues. We work in a fast paced environment and need our systems to work flawlessly at all times. Shani, Pat and the other team members at Tech Polygon deliver for us every time.
    Matthew Ernst, IT Manager

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