Company Overview

S. Ambani Group, founded in 2014, made its mark in the retail sector with multiple successful cigar stores under the brand Smoker’s Zone. In 2017, the company diversified its portfolio by launching SZ Wholesale, a rapidly growing distributor of premium cigars, tobacco products, and accessories. SZ Wholesale, a division of S. Ambani Group, quickly emerged as a key competitor in the industry, prioritizing sustainable growth and fostering a family-oriented work environment.


As part of their commitment to excellence, S. Ambani Group and SZ Wholesale identified the need to streamline their digital infrastructure. The existing email and file data management system, housed on Google Workspace, posed challenges in terms of collaboration, efficiency, and seamless integration. The companies recognized the necessity to migrate to a more robust and integrated solution.


ITL commenced on a comprehensive migration and implementation project to transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365. The key objectives included the migration of mailboxes, Google Drive data, and Shared Drive organization-wide data to their respective Microsoft 365 platforms – Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online Team Sites.

Steps We Followed To Build The Solution

  1. Identity Infrastructure and Directory Synchronization:
    • Established a centralized identity infrastructure for the new Microsoft 365 tenant.
    • Configured directory synchronization between on-premises systems and Active Directory & Azure AD to ensure a seamless single sign-on experience for users.
  2. User Mailbox Migration:
    • Utilized native tools for the initial sync of all users’ mailboxes from Google Workspace to Exchange Online.
  3. Google Drive and Shared Drive Migration:
    • Conducted the initial sync of all users’ Google Drive (personal data) and Shared Drive (organization-wide data) to Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online Team Sites, respectively.
  4. Group Policy Object Setup:
    • Configured necessary Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for the deployment and automatic configuration of Microsoft 365 Apps during the switchover.
  5. Mail Flow and Data Switchover:
    • Executed a smooth mail flow and data switchover from Google Workspace to the Microsoft 365 Cloud Platform.
    • Conducted a final sync to ensure all remaining files and email data were updated.

Results That Created Value

The successful implementation of the migration project resulted in a seamless transition for S. Ambani Group and SZ Wholesale. The companies now benefit from the collaborative features of Microsoft Office 365, providing enhanced communication, document management, and overall efficiency. The establishment of a centralized identity infrastructure and synchronization mechanisms ensures a secure and unified user experience across applications.

By overcoming the challenges associated with the migration, S. Ambani Group and SZ Wholesale have positioned themselves for continued success in the retail and wholesale industry. The commitment to sustainable growth and maintaining a family-oriented work environment remains at the forefront of their organizational ethos.

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