Empowering Insights for Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and More Through Power BI

About The Webinar

  • Make 100% Data Driven Decisions  
  • Save 20% of Data Analyses Time
  • Generate 20% Faster ROI with Insights
  • Achieve up to 40% Cost Optimization & Operational Efficiency

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Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


  • Osho Priyadarshi | Senior Consultant, Microsoft Technologies
  • Sunil Putta | Senior Data Analyst 
  • Shani Patel | CEO & Founder IT LAB, LLC

This is a registration-based webinar, and we’re excited to host you online.

  • 74% of employees feel unhappy or overwhelmed when working with data.
  • More than 35% of companies consider data preparation very important.
  • Microsoft Power BI is the most popular BI tool, with a 36.53% market share.
  • Companies with CEOs that make data-driven decisions are 77% more likely to succeed.
  • Data inaccuracies mean American businesses lose over $109 billion yearly.

Today we all know that the market is unpredictable but not the data. Having enough data and structured analyses of that can bring a lot of positive wins into our bucket. When it comes to data analytics, Power BI holds a valuable place in the competition with holding more than 36% of the market.

Join our upcoming webinar to witness firsthand how Power BI is revolutionizing business growth. Through a live demo, discover how Power BI’s intuitive features empower organizations to make informed decisions, identify trends, and achieve real-time insights. Register with us to witness the transformative capabilities that streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and facilitate sustained growth.


  • Introduction 
  • Speaker Introductions
  • Webinar Objectives
  • Department-Specific Data Demo
  • Power BI Dashboard Development Overview
  • Offers For Attendees
  • Q&A Session

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Offers For Webinar Attendees

  • Webinar Attendance: Get 10% Discount on Power BI Dashboard Development Services
  • Business Referral: Refer a Business & Get 5% Discount on Power BI Dashboard Development Services
  • Webinar Attendance Referral: Refer a Business to Attend Our Webinar & Both Gets 2.5% Discount on Power BI Dashboard Development Services
  • Free Cyber Security Assessment with Power BI Dashboard Development Services


– To redeem any of the above offers, attending the whole event is mandatory. 

– You can openly club above offers and take advantage of 10+5+2.5% discounts on Power BI Dashboard Development Services. 

– For each offer our team will verify the basic terms and avail discounts to you accordingly.

– To opt for referral discounts, you can write us an email with the valid contact details of the referred party.

Licensing Offers

  • M365 Licensing Offer: Get 10-15% Discounts on Purchasing M365 Licenses (Offer Valid on Minimum 10 M365 Licenses Purchase) 
  • Co-pilot licensing Offer: 5% discount on co-pilot license purchase (Offer Valid on Minimum 10 M365 Licenses Purchase) 

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